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Stain removal Van Nuys is the best place you can come to for all your carpet cleaning needs. We offer all kinds of residential and commercial stain removal and carpet cleaning services. Our services are provided by professional at very attractive rates and the quality is something of which you will tell tales about later. We do the extra effort for the customer because the customer is our top priority and you can see a clear difference between our services and the services of any other carpet cleaner. Van Nuys is a city with a population of about 130,000 and is located in California. The city has many places for visitors like the beautiful Japanese Garden, Sepulveda Dam and the wonderful Leo Magnus Cricket Facility. We serve this wonderful community.

We also offer commercial carpet cleaning

We offer a variety of carpet stain removal and related services. Some of them are cleaning of rugs and carpets. We also clean drapes and oriental rugs. Upholstery and furniture are also our specialty. These are some of the many services that we offer. For this purpose the materials and lubricants that we use for cleaning are totally harmless and have found not to be the cause of any allergies or side effects. They are in line with the guidelines provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We also deal in the cleaning of sofa and mattresses. Have you ever noticed any odor when you enter your house? This can be because of two reasons. One is that the air duct system in your house may not be working properly which is causing a bad odor because germs and bacteria usually reside inside the air ducts along with other rodents and vermin which pollute the atmosphere indoors. The second reason for this could be the presence of pets in the house. Pets, if they are not trained, leave their waste materials at hidden places where they create a lot of bad odor. Apart from the odor the carpet is also stained. We provide dual services in both stain removal and odor removal. At Stain Removal Van Nuys we have been doing our thing for ages and we are good at it.

We also offer commercial carpet cleaning and stain removal. We know for a fact that businesses these days especially in these financially troubled times especially during the global recession are operating in a very competitive environment which is full of stress. By providing our services we take that burden off from our customers to some extent. The main reason that we are able to clinch almost all of our contracts is because of the fact that the quotations that we offer are the best available in the market. This does not mean that we indulge in any shady activities like cutting corners through subcontractors. Rest assured that the personnel we hire are qualified and professionals and you yourself can see the difference between our professional services and the services offered by a layman. A layman because of his or her inexperience can also damage your carpet which is quite costly these days. It is better to pay a small premium on our services than to ruin your costly carpet by the doing the job yourself or assigning it to some subcontractor. Remember we are just a call away.


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