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If your carpets have collected lots of dust and dirt and look and smell bad, you don't have to throw them away and spend a small fortune on new ones. We, at Carpet Cleaning Van Nuys can make them as good as new once again for a tiny fraction of the replacement cost. We provide effective, timely and reliable cleaning. We offer top quality at top prices. And this is not all.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Doesn’t Get Better

We provide a complete range of carpet maintenance services. We will come to your home at regular intervals and extract all the dirt which has gotten stuck in the fibers of your carpets. We use only the most technologically advanced cleaning machines. Our cleaning products work to break down the dirt and to help its effective extractions. They are perfectly safe and totally eco friendly. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced.

We can handle any stains no matter whether they are from accidental liquid spills, kids' activity or house pets' activity. Stain removal is our specialty and you can rest assured that we have the highest success rate that you can possibly hope for. If a stain ruins the look of the carpet and of the whole room, you don't have to rearrange the furniture just to hide it. You can simply contact Carpet Cleaning Van Nuys to get the help you need.

We work with carpets made from all kinds of materials. We provide complete, effective and safe cleaning even to the finest Persian rugs. Our cleaning techniques, equipment and products are carefully selected so as to ensure that the floor covering retains is structure and colors. In fact, we can help preserve top quality expensive rugs in perfect condition for many years to come.

In addition to offering our highly rated carpet cleaning service, we clean tiles, grout and upholstered furniture and provide water restoration. Check out our website for complete information!


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When you hire our professional cleaners - your satisfaction is guaranteed! Our company provides only safe, pet friendly, and highly professional cleaning services and solutions.

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