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Upholstery cleaning requires a lot of time and skills as the pieces of furniture can be difficult for dust and dirt removal. There are however, many opportunities for hiring a company nowadays - Sofa Cleaning Van nuys is an excellent chance for your old furniture to return its new looks. Our prices are very reasonable and you can count on assistance at any time during the working week.

Van Nuys is situated in San Fernando Valley, California. The city is named after the person who built the first house in the region back in 1872. There is a cricket complex in Van Nuys and very interesting to be seen are the Japanese garden and the Van Nuys boulevard. For certain periods of time, many notable people lived in the city – Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, Robert Redford, Paula Abdul etc.

Our prices are very reasonable

Furniture is maybe the most delicate item in the every house – difficult to clean and at the same time very easy to be stained or made dirty. The unique thing about upholstery is that it contains a home’s atmosphere – without the grand sofa or the beautiful armchairs, living rooms just don’t look cozy enough. It is more difficult to maintain clean pieces of furniture when you have pets or small children. Cats or dogs leave hair on the carpets and upholstery and kids tend to paint these items or to spill liquids which leave stubborn stains. We have sophisticated equipment which manages to clean all kinds of spots on delicate fabrics and to restore their previous look. Different detergents are used for silk, wool, more simple fabrics – our employees are specialists at recognizing the type of upholstery fabrics and they are trained to clear the surface with special care.

If you are interested in our services as a whole, you can check a list of other actions that we can perform for you:

  • Sofa cleaning and refreshment
  • Curtain cleaning
  • Upholstery maintenance
  • Carpet and rug cleaning
  • Stain and odor removal

When you can smell an unpleasant odor which is emitted either from the carpet or the sofa for instance, we can come and wash the fabric, clean it thoroughly and then refresh it via special deodorants. The reasons for the odor can be many – pet stains, accumulation of too much dirt combined with muddy particles (pets can easily bring dirt from the outside), food spots etc. Another very unpleasant problem that might appear is mold. Rooms which are damper or which contain the washing machine or the laundry machine are more prone to mold. You shouldn’t put any considerable pieces of furniture there and you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Another precaution that you might take is to make sure that your whole house is full of fresh air and open the windows as much as possible. If you have any water spills in the house, you need to call us and we will come immediately to clean the whole area and dry all items and floors.

Sofa Cleaning Van Nuys specializes in furniture cleaning services – just call us and we will provide full assistance and excellent quality.

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