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How Much Carpet Cleaning Service Cost

How Much Carpet Cleaning Service Cost | Van Nuys CA

When you are running a carpet cleaning business in Van Nuys, California, then you must take a lot of care when you are pricing your carpet cleaning service because the price that you charge to the customers will be a major factor that will determine if the business will be able to survive in the industry.  You will not be required to overcharge the customers because this can make them to run to other providers and also make sure that you earn a profit. The first factor to put into consideration is the price of your competitors. You should charge that price which is near what any other carpet cleaning company is charging. You can also consider lowering your price a little bit if the business is new so that you can attract the customers.

The amount of work to be done

There are carpets that will not be exceedingly dirty hence will require a little time for the cleaning to be completed. As such, you should charge a fair price as compared to when the carpet is highly soiled and will need wet carpet cleaning method for it to be clean. This will make the customer see a relationship between the work that you do and the money that he pays for the carpet cleaning service. If on the other hand the customer cannot see a relationship between the two, then you will loose that customer.

The surface area of the carpet

If you are attending a carpet that is of a bigger size, then you will ask for a little more as compared to when you are cleaning a smaller carpet. There are times when you use the surface area to determine how much should be paid for the work. A professional carpet cleaning service provider must not take unfair measurements as this will not be in line with the professional ethics.

The distance to cover to reach the customer

If you covering a considerable distance to reach the customer, then you will have to ask for a little more as compared to when you have the customer near you hence will not incur costs to move.


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