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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning |  Van Nuys Carpet Cleaning CA

In spite of its name, the steam cleaning method relies less upon actual steam and more upon a very precise system of water extraction designed to clean deep within the carpet pile. This steam cleaning method is very popular in part because it is so effective at removing dirt which has been ground in beyond the range of other carpet cleaning methods and regular vacuum cleaners. It can be done by a rented steam cleaning unit or by a professional carpet cleaning company. You can always contact us for more information.

The steam cleaning method works by spraying a fine stream of water mixed with detergent into the carpet at high speeds, forcing the dirt out in front of the water where it can then be removed by a powerful vacuum. The water can penetrate the carpet easily, which is how it pushes even lower levels of dirt out. Also, depending on the company doing the work, the water can be very hot, even scalding. Once the water has been streamed into the carpet, and the dirt has been removed, the vacuum pulls the water and dirt and detergent out of the carpet and into a holding tank, in the case of a commercial cleaner.

There are two options when doing a steam clean, or water extraction. There are a number of small, do-it-yourself models for rent or purchase, and there are also professionals who will come to your home and do the cleaning for you. Since the recommended timeline is 12-18 months, consider how often you will actually be cleaning the carpets before buying a machine. When considering who to hire, take a look at the company’s credentials and look hard at the reviews, since it is not always an easy task, but it is a very important one. If you rent the equipment, follow all the instructions and take great care of your carpet during the cleaning process.

The final steps of a steam clean are perhaps the most important as well

This is referring to the water removal and drying phase. Lingering water can cause mold damage in the home, so it is very important that either you or the professional cleaning service company take the time and effort to completely air out and dry the home afterwards, including all layers of the carpeting.

A steam clean can be one of the best ways of doing the recommended 12-18 month maintenance to remove all the pent-up dirt and messes. The hot water removes the dirt efficiently and quickly from all layers of the pile, and can be vacuumed away without leaving any foamy residues as in other methods such as shampooing. The use of water, however, also means that the homeowner must take extra care to ensure that everything is dry afterwards, which can be easily done with air circulation.


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