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Carpet Cleaning Frequency

Carpet Cleaning Frequency | Van Nuys Carpet Cleaning CA

Carpets are great additions to the home. They add to its curb appeal and they also provide warmth, especially on a cold weather. High quality rugs are not cheap to purchase. Perform regular carpet cleaning to increase its longevity and retain its appearance. Though you may not see it, these rugs contain all kinds of dirt, allergens, germs and elements that could tear its fiber causing it to get damaged, as well as cause health problems to the family.

Regular vacuuming can help eliminate a large amount of dirt. However, professional carpet cleaning is still needed as ordinary vacuums may not be able to remove the dirt thoroughly. The big question is how often should you have your carpet cleaned? That depends on various factors including the amount of traffic in your home and the durability of the carpet.

Frequency of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets usually come with information on how frequent rug cleaning should be done, as well as the best method to use for cleaning it. There are different types of cleaning methods used including steam cleaning, shampooing, bonnet cleaning and dry cleaning. Commercial rug cleaning vacuums and solutions are used to eliminate large amount of dirt. Steam cleaning is considered as the best method as efficiently removed stubborn dirt. Eco friendly products could be used if you are after being green.

High quality rugs can carry more frequent cleaning. Cheaper ones may cause them to tear quicker. If you are alone or you only live with your spouse with no kids and pets, you can have your rug cleaned every two years. If you have kids, it may require cleaning every six months or once a year. This is true if you have pets. However, if you receive heavy traffic in your home and you have kids, several guests, pets and you also smoke, more frequent deep cleaning is recommended.

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